Skin Care Product Equipment

One ton + 350kg heated mixing tank

One ton + 350kg heated mixing tank

Skin Care Product Equipment

BIOCROWN Fully Equipped Skin Care Production Line

As a skin care product manufacturer, BIOCROWN have their own complete production lines and packaging units. The production lines are capable of supplying five different types of products such as skin toner, hand cream, facial moisturizer, bar soap and essence oil. For the last 41 years, we've been regularly upgrading our production technologies in order to cater to the best. Currently, we have the technology and process equipment to achieve your high standards, whether it's making organic, antioxidants or 100% natural skin care products.

Our emulsifier mixers can complete 50kg to 100kg dispersing, mixing and emulsifying processes, we have a 500kg agitating tank for mixed batches and up to 2,000 kg heated mixing tanks. Other process equipment, including RO water system, computerized quantitative filling machine, professional mask filling sealers, auto liquid filling capper machine system, tube filling & sealing machinery, ampoules capper machine, bar soap stretch wrapper, overwrapping machine, horizontal auto-wrapping machine, shrink packaging machine, linx 7300 printing machine, conveyor belt packaging machine, orbital bottle washing machine, high-temperature sterilization tunnel oven and automatic soap machine, are all equipped at the production plant to create safe, trusted products that we apply to our face, hair and skin.

tube filling and sealing machine
tube filling and sealing machine
Skin Care Product Filling and Sealing Machine - High Production & Easy to Clean

Filling and sealing machine is suitable for all skin care product soft-tube end-sealing. It is hygienic, efficient and productive compared to the conventional one. The manufacturing date can be printed during the tube formation, which prevents modification. The old style sealing and filling machine operates at a lower speed because of its small tube caliber. Plus, fast speed generates bubbles. With the new design, the wide bottom allows you to speed up the filling process without bubbles, therefore, productivity is higher.
Plastic tube cleaning uses wind blowing; static is avoided during process using bottom part tube filling and sealing machine. Also, the larger bottom makes it easier to clean. The filling section is made of SUS316 to prevent contamination. To seal up, there are multiple shapes for your selection, such as R, curve, hanging and wavy. PLC automatic control system and touch-screen are applied, every step is precisely controlled. It is also applicable to all thicknesses of skin care products.

automatic sheet mask production line
automatic sheet mask production line
Facial Mask Process Equipment & One-Stop Production Line

Our automatic sheet mask production line is designed to have high production capacity. It has been designed to manufacture various facial masks with precise operation. Whether for functional sheet mask such as moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging, firming, repairing, whitening, or bio cellulose sheet mask for exclusive intensive caring, BIOCROWN supplies high-quality one-stop production.
Once the mask and serum are made, both are ready to go. From the insertion of the mask, filling, pressing, sealing, label printing to leak testing, all of the steps are done at the same time to save time and money. The mask pressing procedure is conducted after the insertion of serum and sheet; it is to ensure the mask is soaked with nutritious ingredients.

Facial Mask Manufacturing Steps:
1. The sheet is inserted into the bag
2. The bag is placed on the conveyor
3. The bag is opened and filling head is adjusted to proper height to insert serum
4. Press
5. Seal
6. Date printing
7. Leak testing
8. Counting


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Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a prime skin care, body care and face care products manufacturer based in Taiwan.

ISO 22716:2008 and GMP certified, as well as meeting COSMOS & US Federal 209D standards, skin care product manufacturing from BIOCROWN. BIOCROWN's skin care product services include formulation and package design, cleanroom and RO water system process, filling and sealing machine production, etc. With large selections of organic and natural ingredients, your skin care products can be tailored to meet the beauty market trends. Skin care products such as bio-cellulose sheet mask with 72% moisture retaining on skin, essence oil with 900 and bar soap with 1,200 formulations.

BIOCROWN has been offering customers pure and natural skin care products with various designs of formulations. Both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, BIOCROWN ensures each customer's demands are met.