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Peel Off Nose Strip

Peel Off Nose Strip

Magic peel off nose strip using specially formulated helps to eliminates dirt and oi, including black heads. It also provides oil control effect.

Cushion Foundation

Cushion Foundation

A new technology cushion foundation provides perfection look by one step.


BIOCROWN Mild Soap Service Introduction

Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Mild Soap supplier and manufacturer with more than 39 years experence. Since 1977, in the Beauty Care Industry, BIOCROWN has been offering our customers high quality Mild Soap production service. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, BIOCROWN always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Mild Soap

ODM/OEM Mild Soap

Private label manufacturer for Mild Soap
Private label manufacturer for Mild Soap

Mild sop also refer to the pH 5.5 soap bar. By using natural ingredient and high technology,
Biocrown manufactures most competitive and finest quality of customized mild soap.

Commercial Opportunity Of Mild Soap Bar

  • Due global environmental changes and severe air pollution, more and more people have allergy skin problem and caution to purchase soap bar as daily use. However, currently ordinary soap bars which sold in the market contain may cause irritation problem because of its alkaline pH characteristic. Under such circumstances, Mild Soap, for which process genital cleansing, power provides unlimited commercial opportunity.

Strength of Mild Soap

  • With natural cleansing agent, acidic pH with good cleansing ability without causing irritation suit for any skin type even sensitive skin.
  • Rich foaming than traditional soap bar for which is quickly wash off with water.
  • Competitive price without sacrifice its quality
  • With multi-chose for fragrance for which is able to customize fragrance according target market need.

To Have Your Own Brand Mild Soap

  • With finest Research Team, formula, and technology, Biocrown provide total solution of our clients’ private mild soap project.

We Offer

  • Most Competitive price
  • Natural formula without Paraben and SLS
  • Customized design for soap’s shape, package and formula.
  • Your business logo on a soap
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