Corporate Social Responsibility - Biocrown is the manufacturer of cosmetics and skin care products.


Biocrown Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Biocrown Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Biocrown Makeup Removing Liquid removes makeup and the dirt completely with a mild formula. Leaves skin a clear, moist, and bright sensation.

Bio Cellulose Mask

Bio Cellulose Mask

The finest bio cellulose is soft and moisturizing, and enables the skin to breathe


BIOCROWN Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction

Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Beauty Care Industry. BIOCROWN has been offering our customers high quality skin care products, face mask, facial cream, whitening soap, skin whitening cream, herbal care skin care products, eye cream, collagen lifting face cream, skin concealer, body scrub since 1977. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, BIOCROWN always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Create the Beauty Life for Us & Our Next Generation

As the responsible actor, Biocrown are always thinking of how to contribute ourselves for our clients, staff, and environment. In order to practice our commitments for the personal skin care, society and environment, we are delicating to provide beautiful zero-burden products for our clients, approve our staffs’ working environment and make effort for sustainable development environment.

Values and Vision

ECO Friendly Cosmetics & Sustainable Development Environment

The actions of Biocrown’s environmental program are to reduce electricity consumption for products’ manufacturing process, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and utilize less environmental load raw materials.  Moreover, thinking over how we can continue our goal for sustainable development environment, we carefully check carbon footprint for products we are production.  The main criteria of our environmental program is ISO/TS 14067:2013 specifies principles     


Promise for staff’s secure ethical working conditions and Rights

Biocrown also devote our duty to the fair treatment of our staff.  With the respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and follow SA8000 standard, we are continue to provide better and secure ethical working conditions.