Quality Control - Biocrown is the manufacturer of cosmetics and skin care products.


Biocrown Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Biocrown Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Biocrown Makeup Removing Liquid removes makeup and the dirt completely with a mild formula. Leaves skin a clear, moist, and bright sensation.

Bio Cellulose Mask

Bio Cellulose Mask

The finest bio cellulose is soft and moisturizing, and enables the skin to breathe


BIOCROWN Quality Control Introduction

Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Beauty Care Industry. BIOCROWN has been offering our customers high quality skin care products, face mask, facial cream, whitening soap, skin whitening cream, herbal care skin care products, eye cream, collagen lifting face cream, skin concealer, body scrub since 1977. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, BIOCROWN always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Quality Control

Quality Control Team

By insisting on superior quality for customer, the whole production process from design to packing is fully compliant with national regulations and international standards.

We set up U.S. Federal Standard 209E Clean Room (Class 100K) and Quality assurance laboratory to ensure that our products meet national standards.

We develop standard production process for constant temperature and humidity clean room, sterile, and automatic process. In addition to control all products of BIOCROWN uses rigorous quality inspection.

The main QC projects include raw material inspection of semi-products of mixtures and random testing of finished products.

We offer various customized products and OEM service through quality management and production in attempt to improve the international competitiveness of our products and to pass on our skin beauty business to worldwide. By comply with cosmetics GMP, ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 regulation that enable BLOCROWN's products meet 3S goals: comprises highest Standard, Stable and Secure.

Procedure of Quality Management