Makeup Cleansing Oil

Makeup Cleansing Oil

Biocrown makes Makeup Remover, Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Liquid are excellent makeup removal solution, which provides the excellent cleaning ability without irritating or drying out the skin.

Bio Cellulose Mask

Bio Cellulose Mask

The finest bio cellulose is soft and moisturizing, and enables the skin to breathe


BIOCROWN Fiber Service Introduction

Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Fiber supplier and manufacturer with more than 39 years experence. Since 1977, in the Beauty Care Industry, BIOCROWN has been offering our customers high quality Fiber production service. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, BIOCROWN always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • OEM Face Mask Wood Pulp Fiber Sheet
    OEM Face Mask Wood Pulp Fiber Sheet

    1.Wood pulp fiber has an excellent water absorption ability. The mask can be filled with a small amount of essence. 2.The wet mask sheet forms the thermally induced flow and makes the pores expand to absorb the essence well. Furthermore, with its good fitting coverage, it enhances the absorption of essence. 3.The essence is not easy to be evaporate since wood pulp fiber provides good water-blocking property.Material: Wood Pulp Fiber (40g/m², 50g/m²)

  • OEM Face Mask Non-Woven Fiber
    OEM Face Mask Non-Woven Fiber

    1.100% Rayon Material, with its soft texture and good strength, it's not easy to broken. 2.The hollow structure makes the fiber absorb essence easily. 3.With good fitting coverage, also helps essence penetrate into skin rapidly and highly increase hydration capability.Material: Non-Woven Fiber (35g/m², 60g/m²)

  • Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask
    Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask

    Bio-cellulose sheet mask is made of fermented bacteria and commonly used in the medical industry. It's 100% compostable (Eco-friendly) and attaches to every little area of your face.

  • Manufacturing Private Label Facial Mask Charcoal Mask Sheet
    Manufacturing Private Label Facial Mask Charcoal Mask Sheet

    1.100% Rayon added with charcoal powder during production. 2.The carbon fiber releases far infrared ray which stimulates the collagen fibers to produce collagen protein. Meanwhile, it fastens the blood flow velocity and enhances the absorption, makes the skin more elastic. 3.Charcoal fiber helps absorb harmful chemicals of the skin such as lead and mercury from make-up. 4.Use the high ductility material which is able to cover the whole face and increase the essence absorption to the skin.

  • Manufacturing Private Label Facial Mask by Lifting Mask Sheet
    Manufacturing Private Label Facial Mask by Lifting Mask Sheet

    1.Made of stretch fabric and wood pulp fiber with special double knit technique, provides skin a soft texture. 2.By the lifting cut and stretch fabric, it fit on your face entirely and provide excellent essence absorption ability. 3.With its highly elastic properties of the fabric, it provides skin a lifting and firming sensation; helps to sculpture face and jaw skin in the meantime. 4.Because of the hollow structure, its suitable for thicker essence.

  • ODM OEM Face Mask Tencel Invisible Mask Sheet
    ODM OEM Face Mask Tencel Invisible Mask Sheet

    1.100% natural wood pulp with double knit technique. 2.With natural material and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. 3.Very thin and fitness so you can act and move while putting on the Invisible Facial Mask. 4.Effectively increases skin's permeability and locks moisture into the skin. 5.Leaves skin a comfortable sensation by its soft texture and good absorption property.

  • ODM OEM Face Mask Silk Invisible Mask Sheet
    ODM OEM Face Mask Silk Invisible Mask Sheet

    1.Outside: 2.0μ PET Film Layer: The special PET film with 1,000 micro-pores allows the skin to breathe naturally and prevents the lotion from evaporating. 2.Skinside: 3D Rayon Fiber (artificial silk): Ultra-soft texture and excellent absorption compare to non-woven fiber. 3.Special Combining Technology: Extremely light weight multi-layer mask which is also chemical adhesive-free to eliminate possible skin irritants and allergens. 4. 3D PET facial mask is perfectly with its soft texture that fits well in all face shape. 5.It provides great absorbility to enhance brightening, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effects.

  • 3D PET Mask Sheet
    3D PET Mask Sheet

    1.Mask inner layer is made of rayon, it is light and thin without burden. 2.Mask outer layer has about 1000 micropores to maintain the balance of atmospheric pressure, make the mask more fit the facial skin.

  • Soft Woven Mask Sheet
    Soft Woven Mask Sheet

    1.Soft woven material, three-layer paper design. 2.It's transparent, fitting, the texture is soft and comfortable. 3.Uniform wetting and great water retention. 4.It can absorb lots of essence and fit the skin tightly, more suitable than non-woven fabric. (But the thickness is not uniform.)

  • JING Cotton Mask Sheet
    JING Cotton Mask Sheet

    1. 100% pure cotton, natural and environmentally friendly materials, three-layer paper design 2.Soft texture and is not easy to produce allergies. 3.Exceelent water absorption and moisture retention.

  • Silk Velvet Mask Sheet
    Silk Velvet Mask Sheet

    1. Made from 3% silk fiber blended with 97% natural cellulose, three-layer paper design. 2.Uniform thickness, stable base weight. 3.Light, transparent and refreshing withou burden.

  • Pure Silk Mask Sheet
    Pure Silk Mask Sheet

    1. 100% pure silk fiber in face contact layer, three-layer paper design. 2.Delicate and smooth texture, high fitness, as like the second layer of skin. 3.The absorbed essence is not easy to evaporate. Wetness can be maintained for up to 30~40 minutes.

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