Baby Lotion

ODM/OEM Baby Lotion / Biocrown focuses on developing skin care products. We follow ISO22716 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Standards; upholds a strict attitude to satisfy customer expectations.

Private label manufacturer for Baby Lotion

Baby Lotion

ODM/OEM Baby Lotion

Baby skin is sensitive and delicate; therefore, extra care is necessary. Parents who wish to buy skin care products which are organic, natural, and as safe as possible should look closely to avoid toxic ingredients. Even for babies, there are different types of baby lotions for baby skin.</p>

For newborns, the soft baby skin needs specially formulated ingredients that are more mild and hydrating than lotions. Baby cream that is organically made with pure source of plantation and fragrance free would be suitable. Baby lotion that provides immediate irritation relief would be proper for babies with eczema. Baby lotion for diaper rash should be used to treat itchiness and create a barrier for healing.

Whether it is dermatologically-approved or has harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, parabens, triclosan, fragrance, talc, etc., baby lotion should be chemical free and uncented, and that's what every customer wants. If you sell skin care products and sell to a market where high standards are required, look no further than BIOCROWN.

Baby Lotion and Baby Cream for Your Baby's Soft Skin

organic baby lotion and cream for baby
To supply high-quality organic baby lotion, ECOCERT was implemented.

BIOCROWN – ISO & ECOCERT Certified Baby Lotion Manufacturing Process Plant

GMP & ECOCERT certified
GMP& ECOCERT Certified

BIOCROWN has developed over 900 baby lotion formulations, their collective seasoned experience has allowed our chemists to respond fast to meet today's trends in the skin care market. A few times, in order to achieve client's organic baby lotion requirements, ECOCERT certification was obtained. "We supply numerous skin care products, baby lotion production is a lot more complicated since clients request the best for baby's skin," says overseas sales representative of BIOCCROWN. To supply high-quality organic baby lotion, ECOCERT was implemented. It is a series of inspections from ECOCERT team for the entire production system: inputs, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage, distribution and import.

ECOCERT certification is awarded annually, thus, inspection and monitoring is conducted every year. Along with ECOCERT, cleanroom class 100K, air conditioning control system, RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment, ISO/TS 14067:2013 and GMP certification are applied.

Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine
Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine

BIOCROWN – Baby Lotion Skin Care Meets Low Concern EWG Standards

BIOCROWN's goal is to design formulated baby lotion that is free of toxins, natural and safe. Not only is our production plant ECOCERT certified, each of the baby lotions are made with low concern based on EWG standards. Whether baby lotion is developed with natural or organic formulation, BIOCROWN delivers with professionalism. The baby lotion formula is designed based on strict principles:

  • simple ingredients,
  • simple formulation of baby lotion; water, oil, emulsifier and preservative,
  • harmful or toxic ingredient free
  • No alcohol, fragrance or color added, fragrance-free & paraben-free.

For baby lotion that focuses on babies with dry skin, use hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, aloe vera extract, amino acid, Sederma, plant extract, Imperata extract, honey extract, Codiavelane, Dansonyl extract, etc.

baby lotionformula
BIOCROWN has been developing baby lotions that is natural and pure for baby skin.

Baby Lotion

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Baby Lotion - Private label of Baby Lotion
Baby Lotion

The formula is designed gentle for newborns. Contains various nourishing and soothing ingredients...

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Baby Lotion | Body Care | Face Care | Skin Care Products Manufacturer - BIOCROWN

Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Baby Lotion manufacturer based in Taiwan.

ISO 22716:2008 and GMP certified, as well as meeting COSMOS & US Federal 209D standards, skin care product manufacturing from BIOCROWN. BIOCROWN's skin care product services include formulation and package design, cleanroom and RO water system process, filling and sealing machine production, etc. With large selections of organic and natural ingredients, your skin care products can be tailored to meet the beauty market trends. Skin care products such as bio-cellulose sheet mask with 72% moisture retaining on skin, essence oil with 900 and bar soap with 1,200 formulations.

BIOCROWN has been offering customers pure and natural skin care products with various designs of formulations. Both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, BIOCROWN ensures each customer's demands are met.