Are you looking for eco-friendly packaging for your skincare products?

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Are you looking for eco-friendly packaging for your skincare products?

19 Nov, 2021 BIOCROWN

Are you looking for eco-friendly packaging for your skincare products? 

Are you still using PET/PE/PEE for your moisturizer?

Now Biocrown has a better choice for you to choose. 

Why are we looking for new packaging material for our customers and their brand?  

In the cosmetic and skincare industry, over half of the packaging is made of plastic. Due to the governments’ current policies’ changing and industry trends, we, as one of the players in the industry, should provide a better choice to our customers.

What is the connection between the UN and the skincare industry? 

In 2015 UN announced the Sustainable Development Goals, including 17 goals: No poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Gender Equality… However, we can provide to our customers the number twelve: Responsible consumption and production. Since then, Biocrown has started looking for a better choice of packaging. Finally, we find out these four packaging materials: PCR (Post Consumer Recycled), bioplastic, bio-degradable plastic, and ocean plastic, which allows our customers to have better and cleaner packaging to choose from or even use. 

BIOCROWN sustainable development goals

Furthermore, now many of our customers are looking for eco-friendly and natural products. Biocrown does not only can provide you with a better choice of packaging, but we can also provide you with a biological, non-animal testing, vegan formulation. 

WHY PCR, not other materials? 

Although there are many different eco-friendly plastic materials that you can choose, PCR-Post-Consumer Resin is one of the most popular and everyday used materials in the skincare and cleanser industry. Many other eco-friendly packaging has been limited in look and size. Besides, many of them are afraid of water, and 90% of skincare and cleansers are based on water. For all the reasons above, we will strongly recommend PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) for our customers. 


Also, now we have a supplier who can produce 30%, 50%, 70%, 100% of PCR. If you are looking for PCR bottles for your cleanser, shampoo, moisture, sunscreen, then send us an inquiry to We are more than a pleasure to send you more detail in eco-friendly packaging. 

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