Management - Biocrown is the manufacturer of cosmetics and skin care products.


Biocrown Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Biocrown Makeup Cleansing Liquid

Biocrown Makeup Removing Liquid removes makeup and the dirt completely with a mild formula. Leaves skin a clear, moist, and bright sensation.

Bio Cellulose Mask

Bio Cellulose Mask

The finest bio cellulose is soft and moisturizing, and enables the skin to breathe


BIOCROWN Management Introduction

Biocrown Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Beauty Care Industry. BIOCROWN has been offering our customers high quality skin care products, face mask, facial cream, whitening soap, skin whitening cream, herbal care skin care products, eye cream, collagen lifting face cream, skin concealer, body scrub since 1977. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, BIOCROWN always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Biocrown has continued to offer the only best service Since the 1977s

Biocrown Ltd’s goal is to provide comprehensive skin care privately label service solution for consumers and customers. In order to provide only best, creative and efficent service to customers, our company movement are based on everyone in Biocrown team has good control over their work specification, all operations are following GMP regulations, and whole team is committed to the continuous improvement of management

Image of the Management SectionManagement Section

Contact window for each department of factories

Main coordinating and communicating bridge for each departments

Supervise production process

Manage administrative work of factories

Manage customized orders

Assist in education and training course of new products’ manufacturing processes

Supervise the operation of ISO and GMP

Review and check customers’ orders and contracts

Supervise and assist a client’s complaint

Features and Advantages

Integrate each section’s information to establish cross-sectorial communication mechanism

Utilize each section’s resources to create new and effective resource using methods

In the most cost-effective method to manufacture orders

Sales Department

Collect business and market information to report market forecasts
Make business promotion planning and check cooperating vendors’ validation
customers development and visit
Assist to handling clients’ question
Coordinate clients’ samples and orders’ follow-up manufacturing process
Handle a client’s complaint

Features and Advantages

Customers’ specific consultant to accurate understand and communicate a customer’s need
Respond customer question in time
Confirm a customer’s goals and track its operating status

Human & Financial Department

Coordinate general affairs of company personnel
Operate recruitment of company personnel
Organize company’s personnel training planning
Execute company administration and personnel

Features and Advantages

Recruit the best people for the company
Arrange job knowledge training course to upgrade company staff’s professional knowledge and work effectively.

Purchasing Department

Execute company’s procurement
Purchase raw and packaging materials
Purchase equipment and office supplies and tack domestic procurement
Evaluation co-operating vendors

Features and Advantages

Search the best raw and packaging materials for clients

Quality Assurance SectionImage of the Quality Assurance Section

Follow ISO and GMP’s regulations to develop, implement and maintain them
Supervise and manage laboratories’ operation
Review raw materials and package materials’ qualities
Review semi-finished products ‘ qualities
Review finished products’ qualities
Train and communicate for ISO and GMP systems
Assist the assessment for suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials
Review a release of finished product

Features and Advantages

Strictly control raw materials and finished products qualities

R&D Department

According to market trends and sales’ need to develop new products
Assist sales to provide new products’ training course and information
Collect new raw materials’ information
Modify and manage new developed formulation
Build up, modify and select manufacturing equipment
Manage developed formulation
Make stability test for a new formulation’s using container
Provide base test for new formulation
Management of production formulation

Features and Advantages

Get the market’s instant information
Research and develop new formulation to meet the future market trends
Provide a stability and safe product for a client

Quality Control Department

Inspect for pre-shipment products
Inspect for raw materials
Inspect and control for semi-finished products
Inspect, manage and track for finished products
Maintain and clean for all of inspecting equipment
Inspect and culture for microbial
Manage finished products’ samples

Features and Advantages

Control a product’s quality strictly for each client
Ensure production equipment clean
Track and file for samples and mass productions’ qualities

Quality Assurance Department

Manage documents of inspected and released raw materials
Ensure all inspect equipment clean
Manage storage of semi-production products and developed samples
Analyses and tracking modified manufacturing process
Assist package materials’ inspection and release

Features and Advantages

Ensure semi-finished raw materials and finished product quality
Effective modify the production process to achieve the most effective and safe manufacturing process

Production SectionImage of the Production Section

Arrange customers orders’ production schedule
Implement Standard Operation Process to arrange production schedule
Review and inventory raw and package materials’ storage
Monitor and ensure production machinery and container clean
Monitor and maintain clean room and raw material room’s clean
Monitor and maintain pure water facility’s operation and clean
Implement packaging, filling, manufacturing personnel’s education and training

Features and Advantages

100K clear room standing and following US Federal 209D specifications to ensure manufacturing environmental quality
Strictly following GMP and ISO-22716 regulation to effective arrange manufacturing schedule
Well organization of manufacturing department to ensure package, filling, manufacturing and warehouse teams operation effective

Production Management Department

Implement orders’ production schedule
Assist to manage raw and package materials
Coordinate to deposit raw and packing material into the factories
Execute manufacturing and packing production schedule

Features and Advantages

Effectively coordinating and executing raw and packing materials’ purchase
Effectively assist in the management of manufacturing raw and packing materials
Effectively arrange orders’ production schedule

Warehouse DepartmentImage of the Warehouse Department

Manage and file customized package materials
Ensure warehouse environmental clean and storages’ well organized
Assist products shipment 
Provide monthly warehouse inventory report to the relevant departments

Features and Advantages

Accurately monitor warehouse’s storage quantities
Effectively manage warehouse’s storage
With automatics storage system, effectively control production materials’ quality and safe stock quantities